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Morning Scout – 15 x 22 Oil

1500 Hours –Close Order Drill

Buffalo Soldiers Collection on display at Tucson Desert Art Museum
has been extended to December! 

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In these turbulent times, take a minute to appreciate all the good in our world…and take a chuckle from Dave…

Laughlin did a series of small prints which you can find on our Prints page.  Hard to know just what motivated the great artist to create some of these, but much like the rest of us, life is sometimes challenging!

This “Patience!” print was made in the studio, by the artist in 1982, long before digital prints were available.  Each print was carefully produced by inking a hand-carved linoleum plate.  A late night creator, David cranked out copy after copy.  As we organize and catalog his studio, the plan to bring these prints to market after all these years is in the works!  
And by the way, God is not through with the artist yet, as he is still with us at 92 years of age!  

Artist David Laughlin

David Laughlin is well known as a western artist and landscape painter. His oil paintings and watercolors of Arizona, the American West, Buffalo Soldiers, Europe and beyond have been a favorite of collectors for decades. Many of his works have been added to museum and university collections.  His long creative career also included sculpture, print making, illustration, architectural renderings and writing. Across these pages, you can browse through a life time of art, and travel around the world.

On Display Now

Until December 2020

Buffalo Soldiers: The 10th Cavalry Regiment Told Through the Art of David Laughlin.

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