Explore the Art of David Laughlin

David Laughlin:  Painter, story-teller, writer, illustrator, sculptor, designer, craftsman, printer!  A master of creativity! Across these pages, you can browse through a life time of art, and travel around the world.

Life Lessons For the Artist

Nepal Sheep Herder and her dowry: The bejeweled hat!

Early in his career David made his way to Italy to visit the fabulous Roman statues and a renowned foundry to begin his sculpture work in bronze.  From this came a desire to satisfy his wanderlust.  Yet rather than an adventure crafted for an honest, hard-working artist, his first excursion booking turned out to be a mail fraud scam crafted by a CON-artist.   Read More and an excerpt from David’s journal


The Print Collection

We are uncovering David’s serigraph and block print collection. Take a look at these unique, hand made prints.