Kathmandu and many of Nepal’s historic sites were heavily
damaged by an earthquake on April 25, 2015



Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal

David traveled to Kathmandu, Nepal from September 14th to October 16th in 1990 to explore and paint the magic land of temples and traditions. He titled a hand-made book, “Dave’s Trek to Nepal” that tells the tale of his travel there. Positioned on a balcony in Kathmandu, David made his three week top floor studio a window to the Himalayas. From finding his daughter’s gifted turquoise bandana being worn by a beggar (which had been “lost” in his laundry order) to riding on the back of an elephant to arrive at a jungle lodge in Chitwan, Nepal, David was fascinated by this amazing land and people.kathmandu_bull

His collection from Nepal honors the beautiful pagodas of the squares now found in ruins due to the recent earthquake. Please consider donating to help the many people of Nepal rebuild their countrykathmandu_painting

Like many of his international travels, David funded his trip with contributions from his art patrons, requesting they purchase a specified size painting for a set price, to be painted upon return to the states and then presented at his annual gallery show for selection. The date of receipt of the patron’s payment would position a patron in line for selection within the category they purchased. The event became a race to the post office upon receipt of his mailed announcement of a new trip. Of course no two paintings were exactly alike and the unveiling party was always enjoyed by all!