Print Collection

Print Collection 2017-05-23T17:31:43-07:00

David Laughlin was a master of many mediums in his creation of both  two dimensional and three dimensional works.

Now we are uncovering his serigraph and block print collection done in his studio by hand.  Vibrant colors and unusual content make this collection worth a look.

What is a Serigraph?

A Serigraph a fine art print created using the silk-screen technique. The word comes from the Greek roots of seri (silk) and graph (write or draw).  The process involves pushing ink through a stenciled screen onto heavy, archival paper beneath. Each color in a screenprint requires a different screen.

What is Block Printing?

Block Printing is one of the oldest types of printmaking. It dates back to the fifth century BC with roots in India, China and Japan. The artist carves a design into a material such as wood, rubber or linoleum which is then covered in ink to transfer the image on to paper or fabric. Prints created with this technique are typically much bolder than other types of printmaking.

Years of work in both print making forms along with the creation of David’s own “print room” has resulted in the many images here.  But wait, there are more to come in the future…