David Laughlin: Watercolorist & Fine Artist

David Laughlin is a fine artist specializing in watercolor and oil paintings. Laughlin enjoys a wide range of subject matter from Arizona landscapes to images around the world.

Travel works include Peru, Italy, France, Mexico and US points of interest.


Artistic Career

Laughlin knew from an early age he wanted to be an artist. Although a small town farm boy, from central Missouri, he eventually made his way to Chicago where the art world flourished and he could find his niche.

From sculpture to watercolor, he excelled at commission work for architects and designers bringing art to the public in convention centers, churches, temples, malls, shopping centers, office buildings and parks. Clay, fabric, wood, metal, and glass were just a few of the many mediums used in his work throughout the years.

In 1978, he decided the growth of the southwest offered greater rewards, he moved his home and studio to Tucson, Arizona, and settled into a long stretch of work in watercolor, acrylic, pen & ink and oil. His work revolved around both research and travel.

Laughlin has lectured on many topics such as watercolor technique, the history of Fredric Remington and his travels with the Tenth Cavalry in Arizona, and the migration of the Sandhill Cranes. He has always loved teaching watercolor to many students of all ages and did so for a number of years.

In 1990, Laughlin received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from his alma mater, Central Missouri State University. A collection of his work is on display at the University.

In 2001, a stroke caused the loss of his ability to use his right arm and hand. After teaching himself to paint with his left, he conceded it was not the quality he loved with his right and retired from his profession to enjoy avid gardening, cooking and cataloging his life work.


Historical Timeline of Artist, David W. Laughlin


1928 Born in Foster, Missouri
1946 Graduated High School, Butler, Missouri
1950 Graduated Central Missouri University with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education
1950-1952 Draftee in the Korean War
1952 Married and moved to Chicago, Illinois
1952-1960 Display Designer & Craftsman
1960-1977 Commissioned Designer and Illustrator
1977-1986 Moved to Tucson, Arizona as Illustrator and Renderer
1986-2001 Exhibitor, Teacher and Painter