Laughlin’s early career focused on design and merchandising, from his creation of clay “critters” to his production of greeting cards.  In 1958, Laughlin and his wife, Doris, put hours of work into creating hand printed cards for sale with the assistance of a marketing agent.  Digging deep into his vast studio collection, these gems were unearthed, revealing the holiday collection they produced embracing the biblical messages of Christmas.

If you received one of the cards and have come to view the collection, thank you for your interest.  As I venture forward in bringing David’s artwork to the world, my task continues to overwhelm me!  My father was a prolific artist with an amazing studio collection as well as all the work held by his many patrons.  If you have a piece you would like to share on our site or on social media, I invite you to send a photo to add, along with a story of acquisition.  If you have spare time on your hands, I whole heartedly invite you to come and help catalog and document his work!

As David cheerfully advances to age 89 in March of 2017, he and I have committed to verifying the provenance of many of his pieces still in the studio that I plan to house on this site.  Of course everything is for sale, so don’t hesitate to ask if you see something on the site you might like in your collection.  This is my version of crowd-funding to cover the expenses of cataloging, photographing, documenting and eventually moving his studio to a venue better suited for preservation of artwork and visitation by the public.

The merriest of holidays to you and yours!  Please send messages via email so I can share them with him.  He loves to hear from his family, friends, students and collectors (past and present)!