In Laughlin’s earlier career, sculpture was a major form of expression fueled by a demand for outdoor public and private work as well as interior design commissions.  Architects hired Laughlin to create everything from outside fountains to liturgical alters complete with copper baptismal fonts.

Remembering many projects, he even filled a temple with magnificent blinko glass windows and tore down a few rustic wood barns to line the backdrop of the minister’s pulpit.


Welding in copper and corten steel, the artist crafted hundreds of works of art, some recognizable as figures or animals, others as thought provoking abstracts.  Many pieces are held in either private collections or at public locations.  His bronze work came as a result of his visits to Italian foundries between the 70’s and 90’s, inspired to cast his art in the magnificent metal.

Sculpting in clay was part of his earliest sculpture career… producing pottery creatures of immense popularity that flew off the shelf at outdoor art fairs.  Laughlin and his wife along with a crew of craftsmen pinched and pounded into the wee hours of the night to meet demand.

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