Art runs in this family. Join us in in Ottawa, Kansas for a showing of art by siblings Mary Hall and David Laughlin.

Opening Reception

Friday June 2nd

6 – 9pm

Refreshments and Live Music

Sponsored by the Ottawa Community Arts Council

Featuring 37 original paintings by Mary Hall

PLUS — International works by David Laughlin

Here is a unique opportunity to view a collection of 9 Laughlin travel paintings from the private collection of Mary Hall.

When David Laughlin decided to start traveling around the world to indulge in new subject matter, reached out to his patrons to support his travel with the opportunity to own a Laughlin original watercolor of his destination at a greatly reduced price, created upon his return.  Collectors contributed eagerly. Those who mailed in their payment early got first pick of the collections – and there were of course those who wished they had been more expeditious in getting to the mail box.  The idea caught on quickly and Laughlin began his annual treks with the help of many patrons.

Starting in Katmandu, Laughlin rented a room on the top story of a boarding house with windows opening to the magnificent Mount Everest. From learning the country culture, to mixing with the locals, the artist relished in painting the sights and photographing the beauty of the land for his eventual studio work.  The elephant ride into the wilds was particularly awe-inspiring.

Later trips took David to Italy, Mexico, France, Peru, Coastal Maine and the prairies of Utah chasing the Sandhill Cranes.  Laughlin took hundreds of photos… in the days before digital…to capture the images he used for his paintings.  As an artist, he could take the liberty of blending the beauty of one landscape with another and yet seamlessly paint a masterpiece of color and mood.


About the Artist: Mary Hall

Mary L. Hall first applied her hand to painting 30 years ago when a friend gave her an  acrylic paint set.  She eventually moved to watercolors and has kept busy ever since.  Viewers of her work will get a glimpse of life in rural Kansas, past and present. She is adept at capturing the beauty and emotion of the landscape. She has also documented many of the one room schools in the county which she lives. Mary tends a large flower garden which keeps her connected to the rural life she has enjoyed all of her life.  Her floral works are all inspired by the flowers she grows in her yard or from the abundant prairie that surrounds her home.

Mary is well known for painting “Life Memories”. These watercolor collages of a person’s life  are commissioned by people who wish to remember their home place, their school,  where they worked…..or their “Life”.

Mary has been a member of the Ottawa (Kansas) Art Guild for 30 years. Her work has been showcased at numerous local business. Most of her paintings have been reproduced as greeting cards.

A Sampling of Paintings